Optic Screws


SOLD AS A PAIR   Carbon Cap - #6-32 x 5/16" IP15 Trijicon RMR - #6-32 x 7/16" IP15 Vortex Viper - #6-32 x 3/8" 1/16 Allen Wrench * Vortex Venom - #6-32 x 7/16" 7/64 Allen Wrench  Holosun 507c - #6-32 x 5/16" IP15 Holosun K...

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Trijicon RMR sealing plate


  With the seal plate installed, the RMR can be submerged up to 66ft. for at least one hour without leakage. Made from stainless steel and weighs 2.8 g. Compatible with the all Trijicon manufactured RMR pistol mounts.  0.0125"...

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IP15 Driver


For use on IP15 screws which apply to our Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun K series, 407/507/508, Burris Fast Fire 3 Round blades of Wiha exclusive CRM-72 tool steel Through hardened durability Precision machined exact fit Torx Plus tips Micron vapor hard...

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This product is not in stock. This is a pre-order only. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.  The Battle Ready Optic Shield (B.R.O.S.) is for the Trijicon SRO only. Does not fit any other optic.  100% Made in Michigan out of Tig welded stainless steel...

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