State of the Shop March 2022

Posted by JagerWerks on Mar 2nd 2022

State of the Shop March 2022

State of the Shop for March 2022.

Hello customers, fans, and friends.

We have been hard at work getting new processes in place and getting the shop in good shape. We are excited to say that we have our lead times back down to what we feel is reasonable for our volume. There are also some other changes happening and we would like to outline them here.

Our official lead time is going to be moved to 8-12 weeks with an additional 1-3 weeks for coating.

We have put processes in place to ensure that orders that are only in for coating or only milling with no coating will be turned over in a more timely manner. Slides that are in for optics cuts and coating should see improvement on their lead time as well, while full packages with coating should take the most amount of time.

If you send in multiple slides at a time, expect the lead time to reflect the longer side of the lead time based on whichever slide is having the most work done.

Another update that we will be starting effective immediately is our Cerakote application for accessories. Historically we have been able to offer a free service to match some accessories with whatever slide you are having Cerakote applied to. Unfortunately, due to the volume we work on these days we will no longer be able to offer this free service. We will instead have a product option to add to your cart per accessory you would like coated.

The FAQ section on the website has been revamped and will be further updating it. Please make sure you read through it before emailing us or placing an order.

Lastly, we announced that we have some new products on the way, more information will be out about that later this week and into the next. We are looking to have a few more products out this year so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for all of your support.