Magazine Extensions Promotion and New Optics Cuts!

Posted by JagerWerks on Mar 4th 2022

Magazine Extensions Promotion and New Optics Cuts!

We have new information about our Aimpoint Acro Optic Cut and the new Steiner MPS Optic Cut. We are also running a promotion for our newly designed Magazine Extensions and Base Plates for Glock!

Magazine Base Plates and Extensions

Our new magazine extensions and base plates are machined from 6061 aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized.
The base plates install like an OEM base plate and require the OEM spring and retention insert. The magazine extensions will include an 11 coil spring for the G19 extensions and a 12 coil spring for the 17/34/45 extensions. The magazine extensions use ramped posts to retain the magazine and in our testing have been able to withstand all normal use and some not-so-normal and obnoxious testing. The use of a flat head screwdriver or prying tool will be needed to remove them from the magazine but in all of our testing we have had no trouble servicing and swapping springs. 
All base plates and magazine extensions require the follower the magazine you are installing these on. 

From March 4th, 2022 through March 18th, 2022 we will be doing a promotion with all Glock Optic Cuts and Slide Milling Packages.

Each Optic Cut will be eligible for your choice of one +0 Base Plate, a G19 +5 Magazine Extension, or a G17 +5 Magazine Extension.
Each Slide Milling Package is eligible for two of your choice.
There is a limit of two max. This means if you have a slide milling package and an optic cut, you will only receive two of your choice.  
More information is on the product description for these base plates and extensions***

New Optic Cuts

A few weeks ago we teased revisiting the Acro Cut and providing an option for a race cut and a front of optic dovetail. Those options are now available on the site. 

We are able to have the optic sit lower with these two new configurations because the optic will not interfere with the safety plunger channel. This is the reason for the depth on the behind optic dovetail being so shallow and flush with the top of the Glock slide.

While revisiting the Acro Cut we received a lot of inquiries about Steiner's new MPS red dot. This optic will work with the Acro Cut, but due to its own geometry and design of the clamp, its fitment was not perfect. We have decided to offer a cut specifically for the MPS. 

The MPS is shorter in length than the Acro and we wanted to offer the most stable platform we could, so we shortened the design to fit snug with the MPS. 

Below are images comparing the Acro Cut to the MPS Cut with a Steiner MPS mounted. 

The Acro's clamp is lower profile than the MPS and allows for a secure fit. With some modification to the clamp of the MPS you can get better fitment on the dovetail.

Below is a comparison of the lower profile Acro clamp to the larger MPS clamp.

Minor modification to the bottom of the MPS clamp will allow the MPS to fit flush on the slide without the clamp rocking the optic upward. 

You can still run the MPS on the Acro Cut but we wanted to provide the option for a more secure cut. The MPS Behind Optic (OEM) Dovetail will be the same depth as the Front of Optic option because the MPS length allows us to keep each option the same depth. 

The Behind Optic Acro Cut will be seeing some revision cosmetically, but will be the same depth as it has always been and not as deep as the new Front of Optic dovetail option.

We are excited to have these cuts available. If you have any questions about the new cuts or magazine accessories please email us.